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Who am I and Why Do I think I’m “Branch” Enough to Run this Site?
Hmm… good question. Luckily, I can answer it.

My name is Bridget Batson and I grew up in this neighborhood. After spending my younger days sowing my wild oats partying in the Galleria (that says something about my age that I partied on Westheimer), Heights, and Rice District (yea, these sound better), I decided that my permanent home should be Spring Branch.

So, I bought a house about three minutes away from where I grew up (my parents still live there). My son goes to the same school I went to, and my mother is the school nurse (It’s a little Everybody Loves Raymond). But, I’m not the only one. My sister bought her house in the neighborhood and so did many of my old classmates. In fact, my son’s school is filled with parents who I went to school with. I guess we’re all a little Everybody Loves Raymond.

We love this neighborhood. It’s one of the friendliest neighborhoods in Houston. No pretentiousness or competing. Just great people making a living and doing it together.

I love calling the washer repair person who has been in the neighborhood for 30 years and servicing all of us, the plumber who is also a neighborhood fireman, and seeing at least on person I know every time I go to the YMCA.

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Bridget Batson