Spring Branch Rocks! Spring Branch in Houston, TX is one of Houston’s best kept secrets and is quickly transitioning to a premier neighborhood inside the beltway. We are just a few minutes away from the Galleria, Downtown, and Memorial Park. We have restaurants featuring food around the world, from the casual diners to five star eateries. We have fabulous shopping, a wealth of parks, and friendly neighbors.

Speaking of neighbors, who resides in Spring Branch? Many of Spring Branch inhabitants are actually people who grew up here in “the branch”. These kids grew up, went to college, moved away, and came back to Spring Branch. Schools are filled with students and teachers dedicated to the progress of the neighborhood. We have businesses owned by people who grew up in the branch continously serving its residents.

And now, we have this site! This site is dedicated to bringing Spring Branch together. We are going to feature local businesses, people in the community, and now have our own “Spring Branch Craigslist” where we can buy/share/trade/service those in close proximity to us (Hey, if the Woodlands has their own, we can too!).

But, this site cannot be done alone. I am seeking articles written about the neighborhood. You can write about your own company, events coming up, acheivements you have received, basically anything “neighborly”. All accepted articles will include your name as the author (if you want) and I am able to provide linkbacks to your firm/website. Email me at bmarie@bmbstaffing.com.